a visitation of hope…

Dear friends~

Before we move into the 2nd week of Advent and it’s theme of PEACE, I wanted to share with you a photograph and reflection from Linda Graham, who is part of our “Sacred Rhythms” community. 


I took this picture driving on our way home from Florida a few weeks ago. We had just heard from my nephew who lives in Texas with no family around, about the sudden death of his wife. My brother and sister-in-law are already dealing with so much with her cancer. I was feeling such sadness and despair and the whole sky was gray and heavy with thick clouds. Then this opening appeared and such light shown through. It was such a picture of Hope and I felt a peace and calm wash over me. God touched me with His message Hope through this beautiful sky. 



Thank you so much Linda, for sharing how God broke through the darkness, and touched you with Hope. Your sharing is a tender reminder of how Hope and Peace join within us when we become aware of God’s presence within the everyday and extraordinary moments. ~with love, Donna

2 thoughts on “a visitation of hope…

  1. Bobbi Smisko

    It would seem that God speaks to us most eloquently without words. This time, merely with light shining in the darkness! Thank you, Linda, for that reminder.

  2. sandygracecorby

    Linda, before i read your words I was drawn into your picture. I felt a peace in spite of the storm around. During stressful emotional times I can get lost in the turbulence. Thank you for sending that picture as a reminder to me of God’s love and peace.
    Peace and love to you and your family during this difficult time.


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