A closing blessing from me to you…

Before we move into December and Advent~

I wanted to close November with a song of blessing for you.

Set aside a few quiet moments to be still, rest, and receive this blessing.

Find the place where peace dwells deep within you ~

now memorize that place 🙂

Especially as the holiday preparations begin and it’s so easy to be distracted from our truest source of peace ~

May you know yourself as blessed!!

with love and gratitude for each of you~



2 thoughts on “A closing blessing from me to you…

  1. lukdotjunocom

    Thank you, Donna for the beautiful blessing, words and visuals. I will pray with this again and again. It’s one of my favorites.

    I just read R. Rohr’s meditation for today. Actually Cynthia Bourgeault is writing. She expresses the same reality that you speak of. “Must we be whiplashed incessantly between joy and sorrow, expectation and disappointment? Is it not possible to live from a place of greater equilibrium, to find a deeper and steadier current?

    The good news is that this deeper current does exist and you actually can find it…”

    I long for this wellspring of hope, “..a journey toward the center, toward the innermost ground of our being where we meet and are met by God.”

    This is my prayer for this Advent. This is my joy, to be sharing the journey with you.

  2. ghlstn Post author

    Dorothy, sharing the journey is joy for me as well…

    Thank you for sharing these words of Cynthia Bougeault. They are sweet companions for me today.

    In a world in which we can often feel “whiplashed incessantly between joy and sorrow, expectation and disappointment,” it is good to be reminded that this “deeper and steadier current” can be found by us — and as you write, is a “wellspring of hope” that upholds us and helps us endure.

    I am holding this prayer with you Dorothy (and all of our Sacred Rhythms group) during this sacred Advent season.



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