May your soul be your guide

This seems to me to be the most important challenge and invitation on this crazy, fearsome, wondrous ride called Being Human. Under and around what fear and anger and obligation are saying to you today, what is your soul wanting you to hear?
~Kristin Noelle,
It seems there are so many “voices” and feelings straining for our attention. While I believe it is good to create a gracious space to acknowledge all of our feelings, we still need to choose which feeling or voice we will follow. If we were undertaking a major mountain climb or whitewater adventure, we would need an experienced and wise guide to lead us. Likewise, on our individual life’s journey, what voice will we choose to guide us?
In Kristin’s illustration above, some of the familiar (and less helpful) voices are fear, anger, and obligation (and the expectations of others). It might feel that following these voices will protect us from judgment and harm, but, in reality, these voices lead to very limited journeys.
How does each voice affect your path?:
Following “fear” can keep you on a crowded, heavily travelled path, avoiding anything new… risking nothing….
Following “anger” might keep you isolated and alone, striking out at anything or anyone coming across your path…
And following the voices of “others’ expectations” confines you to the pathways of others, weighed down by the baggage of constant obligation…
Today on the website, “Pray as You Go” the featured passage was: “Do you not know that you are God’s temple and that God’s Spirit dwells in you?…For God’s temple is holy, and you are that temple” (1 Corinthians 3:16-17).
Can you take a few moments to imagine your body as a temple for the Holy Spirit? It is awe-inspiring to imagine the Spirit of God dwelling within us – the source of ultimate wisdom, love and power in our very bodies.
When we let our souls be our guide, we listen for the guidance of the Holy Spirit within us. 
We can ask the Spirit to guide us and be our vision.
Grace and peace be with you on your journey ~



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  1. Joan

    We follow so many thoughts and emotions instead of our souls. It takes some work, doesn’t it? Thank you for the hymn sing 🙂 I sang the whole song out loud because I’m trying to get my heart…. and vocal cords…. in shape 😊🙏🏼


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