a time of migration

Dear friends,

This morning I read a reflection on the season of migration by Christine Valters Paintner which I’d like to share in part with you. I have been touched by how the migration we see all around us in nature, is so similar to the practice of peregrinatio. I like to imagine all of us following an ancient call deep within our spirits to a place of opening to new birth. The call of our soul’s migration is placed deep within us by God, and it is God’s Love that leads us on this holy journey. 

(adapted from Christine Valters Paintner, Abbey of the Arts, 10/7/18)

Autumn is the time of transition, of the earth’s turning, with the balance of light and dark in the northern hemisphere tilting toward the dark season and the invitation to release the excess we carry and rest into growing Mystery. It is a season of initiating these great movements across the globe of birds, fish, (butterflies) and mammals following an instinctual call.


I am taken with the mysteries of migration, the inner knowing that rises up in them to embark on a journey, the impulse to swim and fly across great expanses of earth and sea in search of a feeling of rightness that season.

This journey of migration is similar to the Irish monks on their journey of peregrinatio, setting off in their small boats, without destination, without oar or rudder, letting the current carry them to the place of their resurrection (where their hearts would find home). The monks yielded their own agendas and plans to the current of love, trusting in this deeper wisdom at work in water and wind, on behalf of the One who opens the way before us.

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Swans and swallows, whales and salmon make the long arduous journey to give birth to the new lives breaking forth in them. The monks wandered in search of wild places that could break apart their own expectations and judgments, to let the new life being offered to them come forth.



As autumn tilts us toward the season of growing darkness, may you allow this season to be an invitation to yield to the mystery of your own heart’s desires. You do not need a map or agenda, simply a willingness… to follow the impulse of love.


Taking flight requires courage to ascend into the unfamiliar and unknown. And it requires a community of kindred souls who affirm the journey isn’t completely crazy and there is more awaiting us beyond the borders of our narrow expectations.


May we be that community for one another… kindred souls of the journey…

(adapted from Christine Valters Paintner, 10/7/18)


2 thoughts on “a time of migration

  1. jedwar02

    Wow, I love this reflection so much, Donna. I have been slow in getting to pray with it. But I did this morning. I love thinking of autumn as a time to sink into and trust our own inner longings together. We need each other to know and follow them. Thank you!!

    1. ghlstn Post author

      Thanks John. I too love the invitations of autumn and migration as peregrinatio deeply imbedded in nature.
      May you sink into your deepest longings, and trust them to lead you “home.”


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