peregrinatio… following a divine current

“I would love to live as a river flows, carried by the surprise of its own unfolding”

~John O’Donohue

What would it be like to let go of your own agenda and let yourself be led by the Spirit? I’m quite sure my first response would be a sigh of relief, followed quite quickly by fear of not being in control.

For Celtic monks, the letting go was quite literal. In little boats called coracles, the saints would set off — without a destination — and without oars or rudders to guide them. This practice was called “peregrinatio por Christo” meaning “to wander for the love of Christ.” The monks trusted they would be carried on “divine currents of love” to the place of their resurrection, a place where their gifts could be brought fully to life.

As Christine Valters Paintner writes: “In this profound practice God becomes destination and way, companion and guiding force. God is the call to the journey and the unfolding of the journey, and God greets us at journey’s end.” *

And LOVE is always the inspiration for the journey.

The season of autumn is a perfect time to contemplate such letting go: how we are called deeply in our spirit to become one with God’s all-embracing love, falling into the arms of the Divine Holder and Healer.

It can be scary to let go of our tightly-held agendas and apparent control. But letting go makes space for God to bring us to our own resurrection place – a place of new life, beyond our imagining.

God’s current is a gentle stream and we can bring all of ourselves (fears and hurts, desires and hopes) into our little coracle, trusting we will be held and guided within the current of Love — which has always held us.

*Christine Valters Painter, “The Soul’s Slow Ripening: 12 Celtic Practices for Seeking the Sacred.”



8 thoughts on “peregrinatio… following a divine current

  1. jedwar02

    Can I bring all of my hurts, fears, joys, and longings into my coracle being held be the stream of God’s love? How do I do this? Will my mind allow my to do this? Merciful God, show me how.

    1. ghlstn

      “How do I do this… Merciful God, show me how.” John, may you have a sense of God’s going with you, gently showing you how to move towards what your heart longs for… ~Donna

  2. sandygracecorby

    Recently i was in extremely stressful situation that had questioning what God was doing and where He was leading. But at the end of this road He gave me more than I could have imagined. It was as if I emerged from a cave only to surrounded by His arms in love and peace. Oh the angst i would have avoided if only i had let go, took His hand and followed.
    I love Carrie’s song where she says her mothers notes weren’t perfect but heaven opened anyway. My notes were anything but harmonious but God heard. My prayer today is that i continue to ask Him to show me.

  3. ghlstn

    “I emerged from a cave only to (be) surrounded by His arms in love and peace.”
    Sandy, I am moved by your description of such a love-filled and peace-filled experience. Especially in stressful times, we are often unaware of God’s presence with us, wanting to walk beside us, gently guide us…
    Your simple and humble prayer to “continue to ask Him to show me” feels just like you described above: letting go, taking His hand, following… Blessings as you live into this prayer.

    May we all ask for the awareness of the Holy One companioning us this day.

  4. bsmiskoaolcom

    God’s current is a gentle stream

    Thank you as always, Donna for a meaningful posting. The words above caught me as I have been trying to live into this stream in recent months. Actually, “trying” is not the correct word as it reflects some small piece of control. I keep yielding – surrendering – which to be honest, I often must remind myself to do. But once in a while, I find myself bobbing on the current – in the gentle flow of Spirit Purpose and I revel in the Joy of the Moment upon realizing that I eased into the water without thinking about it ahead of time. It just happened. Such moments draw me down into that thin place of knowing for a time that I wish would last forever, and after it slips away, I am left with buoyed hope!


    1. ghlstn Post author

      Bobbi~ I celebrate in spirit with your words: “I find myself bobbing on the current… and I revel in the joy of the Moment upon realizing that I eased into the water without thinking about it ahead of time…” What a beautiful awareness of entering that thin place.

      thank you sharing the amazing process of surrendering and yielding… into “buoyed hope”!!

  5. Sandy Horst

    I’ve been reading all your posts and find I am touched deeply by all of you.

    I feel I am in a place of ‘standing still.’ I don’t know how to explain it. It is not that I feel nothing or that I am numb. I feel, but can’t put my thoughts together. I feel frustrated by this at times. However, I am also trying to give myself freedom to see, feel, experience, etc. and not need to explain it, or express it in words. (The feeling of frustration comes from my wish to share something wise, important, like others do:)

    I suppose it is the same thing I was feeling on retreat about my rock. I am still drawn to its mystery and beauty but haven’t figured out why or what it is about the rock that I ‘love’.

    I am grateful to be on this journey with all of you.
    Sandy Horst

    1. ghlstn Post author

      Sandy, I am so touched by your sharing. This place of “standing still” seems a sacred threshold place for you. I love how you are giving yourself “freedom to see, feel experience, etc. and not need to explain it, or express it in words.” I am believing words would diminish the depth of how you are being drawn…
      Your presence on the journey (and the presence of each of us) is such a beautiful gift to one another. Thank you!


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