A sharing from Linda Graham…


Linda Graham (one of our Sacred Rhythms companions) took a contemplative walk this weekend in the Poconos and is sharing with us a photograph and video she “received” on her walk. It is in response to our reflections on thresholds and the invitation to take a contemplative walk.

Here is the photograph and Linda’s comments:IMG_2086 (1)

“I imagine Jesus taking my hand as I cross this threshold

of rocks and holding on to his hand as I walk along my

life path that He has prepared for me. I’m trying to leave

my fears and worries at the rocky entrance.”




Take a few minutes to be with Linda’s video below. (Let me know if you have trouble viewing it.) Click on the center of the picture to begin the video. I encourage you to enter into the brief video, being as present as you can to the scene. Welcome the sounds and images… imagine the smells of water, moss, rocks, and decaying leaves… “touch” the water, grass and moss. How does this encounter with the little stream make you feel? Linda shares that she found it very calming. You are very welcome to share your response with Linda and all of us — click on “leave a reply” at the top of the entry.

(To enjoy it most, click the arrow image on the bottom right of the page “enable fullscreen mode.”)


Thanks Linda!! for sharing with all of us.

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